Critical reception

For most reviews about the iphone 5, it is positive. But few are negative.
The famouse commentator Stevens said the iphone 5’s high resolution screen is much better than the iphone 4S?he also said the screen used by wholesale iphone 5 is the best phone screen in the world now.But he was not glad for the new connector used by iphone 5. it was not agreed with devices and cables. But some report said such change is necessary. And to compare with the iphone 4S, the iphone 5 is easier to disassemble and repair.


The good news for 2014 is that the Cheap Samsung Galaxy S5 is finally coming. Most young people or fans of samsung pay their attention to the newest android phone at the first time the s5 come. yes, it has a good looking, working perfectly,and it is one of the things you must have if you want to be fashion. But in other eyes, the reason why it become so popular is not the function the phone has, but only because the s5 is a family number of the samsung galaxy phone.

Even when we talking about the function of the s5, there are some nonessential things,fingerprint scanner, for example, it use few in the real just make the phones looks like the most advanced in all phones of the world. If you put the s5 and s4 together, you can see that the s5 just only little smoother, little faster. In my views, the s5 has few advanced than s4, nothing more.

Let me tell you, the s5 has 5.1-inch,just a smaller than its note 3,which came out on 2013, and quad-core. But at the same time it has a terrific 16-megaixel to its last generation, galaxy s4, the galaxy s5 is few better. But compare to others phones, it should be your only choice. The HTC One M8 has a better design, better speakers, but the 32GB of HTC One M8 sell at the same price with 16GB of Samsung Galaxy S5. If I can say this, the only reason you should buy Wholesale iPhone 5 no M8 is that the S5 is a Samsung Android phone.
To be honest, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is enough for most works fast enough, and it work with 4G LTE now. All function which can work on S5 is also good at S4, exepct the fingerprint scanner or some no needed software like this. And since the S5 is coming out, the price for S4 is down. I have no reason to buy S5 but not S4, unless the S5 is the lastest generation for its galaxy phone.